Manvir Singh

Ban Him

UPDATE 7/13/2022Manvir Singh abuses girls at Khalsa Camp California

Probably for about the fifth time, our blogpost on Manvir Singh Kanjar, the so-called parchaarak from Leamington-Spa, has been deleted because he goes crying to Google everytime. But we will keep posting and let the truth be told over and over again.

Manvir Singh causes issues for youth and divides communities – he is even banned from many Gurdwaras in Europe, which explains his shift into going to other continents such as North America. This individual has no jeevan, no gyaan – it’s all made up bullshit. You need a person with jeevan to call to your camps and this is not the kanjar to call.

Firstly, he used to attend a well-known Gurmat Camp in England for a few years and eventually started spewing hate towards the organisers when they kicked him out. The reason? Manvir Singh had groomed a young girl who had attended the camp. She was under-sixteen and was having some issues with her family at home. She had come to the camp to try to learn more about Sikhi and get some much-needed sangat. She had mentioned in a group session that she had issues at home and as the session ended, he had asked to speak to her once everyone had gone. She remained behind and he went on to talk to her, convincing her he could help her after the camp had ended. She told us that he asked for her phone number which was against the rules of the camp especially for the parchaaraks as it can cause obvious issues. He didn’t have his phone on him at the time and she told him she would give her number as requested. During the last day of the camp, she had to leave early as her parents had come to collect her and she saw Manvir doing Kirtan. She realised she hadn’t left her phone number and she wrote it on a piece of paper, went to put a pound on the stage and put the paper with her number on the vaja as he was doing Kirtan. She left the divaan and went home but other volunteers who saw this got alarmed. When they approached Manvir, he got very defencive saying he had never even spoken to the girl – even though others at the camp session they were in testified against him. He claimed she was looking at him flirtatiously during sessions and that she had wanted to initiate contact and he had never asked for her number. The volunteers spoke to the girl a few days later and she was horrified to learn that Manvir had lied about the incident and was very upset. When the volunteers spoke to the other girls at the camp, they also claimed he had asked for emails and telephone numbers from them too but didn’t think anything of it.

Manvir with Navreet Singh (middle). Navreet also abused many girls before his marriage. His love marriage with Satnam Kaur came about after they were caught doing “saas-giraas” (as they called it) at the back of Leicester rehansbhai together when the lights were off.

In his personal life, Manvir is a divorcee. He married a young girl from India a few years ago and was divorced within six-months. He had brought her to UK promising a new life with him and his family – but within the first few months she had realised something was not quite right with him. He would avoid any physical contact, which was strange for newly-weds, and would often stay up past midnight claiming he wanted to do Amrit Vela Nitnem before going to sleep. On one night, she had found him watching questionable content on his laptop and he got very defencive when she questioned him about it. The relationship was strained from the beginning. As a family wedding came up in India, he cunningly suggested to her that they go India – but that she should go first and he would follow after. She agreed but a few days after landing in India she got a disturbing call – Manvir had tricked her into going to India and had cancelled her Visa and filed for a divorce. She was distraught and visited Smagams in India to talk to Singhs who had gone over from UK to tell her side of the story and pleaded with them to warn the rest of the sangat across the world not to let this kanjar do parchaar anywhere.

So here it is – a request to all across the world, all Gurdwaras, all Camps, particularly Khalsa Camps organised by the AKJ – boycott this kanjar Manvir Singh – do not let him groom girls, do not let him cause issues in your communities.