Hardeep Singh


We were contacted by a fellow blogger and tweeter to help track down the identity of someone who has been featured in an adult video online, disrespecting Sikhi saroop. Initially, we didn’t think anything of it. Why? Because unfortunately, there’s a lot of that stuff going around and has been for many years. But when we were told more about this particular issue, it really quite shocked us. After weeks of deliberating and investigating, this is what we found. We don’t know this individual ourselves, we must admit. But we know his family, in particular the individuals we will mention in this article. This article is formed with partly our knowledge and cross-checked information provided to us by other individuals. I must warn you at this point, before you read on, that this article contains content not suitable for everyone.

Hardeep Singh is a UK born male in his mid-30’s, residing in Leicestershire, UK. He grew up in the area of Oadby, Leicester with his mother, father, one brother and one sister. For many years, this individual, along with his brother, have been sevadars of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha (AKJ). Hardeep himself has done kirtan (tablaa), organized childrens camps, smagams and much more. His brother, Jaspal Singh, is a high school teacher by profession and is widely known as one of the senior members of the AKJ committee. This family has lived in Oadby for many years with dignity and respect, as well as great pride over their status as “hardcore AKJ”. But now, they have taken “hardcore” to a different level.


Hardeep Singh, has been fully videographed having sexual intercourse with two transsexual males. For the innocent amongst you, that is two men who have partly undergone a sex change operation. In this case, they are only half way there. (They haven’t changed “core” organs needed to separate a man from a woman, if you know what I mean.) Some homosexuals proclaim that you are only gay if you receive and not give. Well in this case, he is definitely on the receiving end. He also engages in giving and receiving oral sex. This video has recently come to light as it was apparently featured on popular pornographic websites very recently, despite having being filmed almost a couple of years ago. So let me tell you why this really gets our own kisherey in a twist.

Hardeep is an AMRIT-DHAARI Sikh. He received Amrit from AKJ many years ago. He is also married and has a young daughter. He is seen in this video with his kishera, kara, full beard and kesh, wearing a distinctive AKJ-style dastaar. He has taken off his kirpan however. He doesn’t try to hide his identity and has no shame for going infront of a camera and doing what he does in full Sikhi saroop. He is seen wearing a red mask in this video – a pretty lame attempt to conceal his identity. At the beginning of this video you can hear his voice, which we have confirmed with people who know him, that it is indeed his voice and accent. We have also confirmed this by a video of him that was sent, which we unfortunately cannot upload. This tabla player and kids camp sevadar is also seen without his kirpan and uses profanity in the video. You can see in the pictures, on this page, a headshot of Hardeep in the actual video and other photos of him, passed through us via e-mail

Jaspal Singh – Oadby, Leicester

We also received some information, we have since confirmed with others, regarding Hardeep and his brother, Jaspal. It may not seem fair to you that we bring his brother into this topic, but it seems pretty valid given the nature of this story and the controversy surrounding this family. Jaspal Singh has caused many issues with others in England and other countries as well. He is known for causing trouble between families, attempting to split up spouses, and on a panthic level, pushing anti-panthic agendas behind the backs of many, including the AKJ itself. Agendas such as brainwashing youth against other jathebandhi, against Sri Dasam Granth Bani, the Kakaars, the Mool Mantra, rehat and much more. He constantly ridicules great Mahapursh of recent times such as Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and Sant Baba Thakur Singh. We must point out, AKJ is not entirely anti-Dasam Granth, because of course even the AKJ has divides. Whilst we would like to note that some of the greatest Singhs and Singhnia in the UK follow an AKJ maryadha, it is the few such as Jaspal and his circle that cause issues and bring the rest down. We are also aware that due to meddling by Jaspal, there are Kirtanis who are banned from stages due to them singing Dasam Granth Baani in their keertan divaans. Infact, there has been blackmail from these individuals to Singhs in Europe who have instructed organizers not to call these Kirtani otherwise, they themselves would withdraw themselves and their “sangat” from attending the divaans. Jaspal has also attempted to split up many husbands and wives if one is seen to be “moving away” from the AKJ way of thinking. Jaspal and Hardeep also publicly supported Gurbir Singh Taran Taaran, a famous AKJ Kirtani who had many affairs with young girls before he got married, and supported his brother Tejbir as well, who had extra-marital affairs.

Ok so maybe I am getting a bit diverted from the main topic here, but you need to know the background to be able to understand why we are publishing this article. We decided we wouldn’t put up anything more regarding issues with individuals. We get many emails giving us proof, giving us details on Gursikh individuals who are causing beadbi of Sikhi saroop, but have resisted the temptation of exposing them in the light, despite some really crazy stories that have been sent to us. That being said, we cannot stay quiet with this – this is deserved of a family who have for so long caused more harm to the Sikh community than good. They have not only brought down the name of AKJ, but have led people, forced people, to turn away from the path of Sikhi and doing seva and sangat for making mistakes much much minor than what Hardeep has done.

Of course we are going to get those comments and messages telling us what low lifes we are and that we are doing bad and blah blah bluh, but truth is that, well… truth is truth. We know the implications of this e-mail and what ratifications there may be, but we are governed by blogger law of free speech and being able to expose the truth. This is exactly what we have done. Yes, we do feel deeply sorry for the wife and child involved in the exposing of this individual and we will take the punishment of that when that time comes. Yes, we feel for the great individuals who are related to these idiots, and hope that with their greatness and “kamaiyee”, they can forgive us one day. Yes, we can’t prove EVERYTHING we have written. We do have better things to do with our time than to go out and video-tape everything for you (although maybe we shot ourselves in the foot with that one as we are sitting here writing this crazy article). Anyway, if you don’t believe it, then don’t. Take it as our opinion, and we will leave it at that. The family will deny it was Hardeep, of course, but if you look closely at the key facial features in all images, you will know we are not wrong on this one. Prove us wrong.