Kamalroop Singh

Kamalroop – Singh in Bana Cheats On Wife

If you haven’t come across so-called “nihang” and rightfully-called “nang” Kamalroop Singh, you would rightfully think that this Singh, who apparently achieved a PhD on the subject of Dasam Granth, is a stand-up Gursikh. He stands tall, with a long beard, wears a Bana (the dress of a Gursikh), with his dumaalaa and a “farla”, which is status given to Singhs by real “Nihang” Singhs in recognition of their jeevan. For years, Kamalroop has been very active on social media, featured on SikhNet (not that that means anything nowadays anyway), has his own blog and tries to discredit the work of real Gursikhs like Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid and many others. He also is member of The Blue Lions. His thirst for popularity doesn’t come without opposition. A petition was started by Singhs calling on Jathedars of Buddha Dal to revoke the ‘Farla’ of Kamalroop and take back this honor that was given to him. They refused.

This idiot thinks he is unstoppable because gullible and ignorant fools fall for his bullshit and he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He can’t. Make it known around the world that this is not acceptable. This video below, taken in mid-December of 2017, shows nang Kamalroop engaging in kissing a woman he met in a bar, even though he is married with a wife at home. Not only was he seen drinking alcohol at a bar in Gurus bana, something the “nang” sect think it’s ok to do, he’s also cheating on his wife and even if he was unmarried, this is not ok for an Amrit Dhaari Gursikh – something he so claims to be.