Sucha Singh Tabla Player

This says it all:

Sex Abuse of Minor, Kidnapping, Prostitution SUCHA SINGH, 40, (DOB 04/15/1979) of 12901 Darnestown Road, ROCKVILLE, MD, was arrested on Nov. 6, 2019, SEX ABUSE MINOR, two counts of sex offense third-degree.


Sucha Singh, a prominent Tabla player with many Kirtanis, was charged with sexual abuse of a minor. You can see there is something seriously wrong with Guru Gobind Singh Foundation. Two of their people have been found guilty of sexual abuse of young children and their are reports of them even coercing their own daughters for prostitution. Rajwant Singh and Gurdarshan Singh are the other questionable characters who are running this pedophile ring.

Sucha (L) with Bhai Sarabjit Singh Rangila (C)
Sucha (L) with Bhai Sarabjit Singh Laddi
Sucha Singh (R) had been arrested for 5 counts of sexual abuse. Guru Gobind Singh Foundation (Maryland) stayed silent. Gurdarshan (L) (another convicted child sex offender) stayed silent. Rajwant, infamous ring leader of them all, stayed silent along with blind followers who support this pedo ring under the GGSF.
In November of 2019, Sucha was arrested in Maryland. GGSF covered it up.
Record is available by searching Alabama Court Records.
What are these animals, Rajwant Singh and Sucha Singh upto at Guru Gobind Singh Foundation?
In this audio sent to someone by a GGSF board member, it shows the type of kuttha-kanjar (dog) that Radiant is. 
Sucha went around with a selfie stick to take photos with young children and even puts his arms around them.