October 15, 2021

Manvir Singh tries to stop Sikh Issues (again).

As you may know, Manvir Singh “Khalsa” previously cried through various channels to get our blog taken down from Google blogspot. We came back stronger on our platform because of him and he has recently realised, it’s a lot harder to take this one down. Check out the letter below he had sent by his legal team. We responded but they didn’t get in touch again! Here, have a laugh at this one.

From: Ben L***t
Subject: Courtesy Request – Singh & Real Sikh Issues

Message Body:
To Whom It May Concern,

We have been retained by Manvir Singh in connection with an article published on your website at the following URL: https://realsikhissues.co/people/manvir-singh-khalsa/

While we support free speech rights our client does have some concerns about the content contained at this URL. Our client believes there are additional facts and/or context, of which you may be unaware, that would change the nature of the story or result in potential inaccuracies. Furthermore, our client would like to make you aware of the ongoing negative impacts on themselves as a result of the above URL and the ease with which it is discoverable via simple internet search engines.

We are happy to provide details related to the above. However, due to the sensitive nature of some information (including health issues, etc.) we are only able to do so if you agree to keep any information disclosed strictly off the record.

Please be advised that this letter does not constitute a notice of intent to take legal action. We have advised our client of the difficult nature of bringing such actions and that it is not in their best interest to attempt to do so. Furthermore, though the undersigned is an attorney, we have been engaged as negotiators and facilitators.

Our client simply wishes to put this incident behind them and move on with their lives. While it is important that information be archived, surely one must not be punished in perpetuity? It is no secret that the Internet and technology have made it increasingly difficult for anyone to put even the smallest of mistakes firmly behind them and move on. Therefore, we would like to request that the article in question be removed from your website. Alternatively, we are open to compromise arrangement such as de-indexing the article or, perhaps, removing our client’s name from the article.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding this matter. Email is our preferred method of communication. Please respond to the email chain sent to you or assist@l**********e.com. When sending an email, please reference our client’s name and your organization – as above. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Manvir Singh tries to stop Sikh Issues (again).
  1. Sevak

    Manvir Singh, it really would not have been a problem if you just stopped preaching. There’s some accountability and you continued to think that you could carry on leading the sangat. You need to take it as hukum and just step down from all form of seva. This is Guru Sahib Ji’s bhana playing out. How did you think that you could sit on stages lecturing etc when your own jeevan doesn’t reflect the highest of morals? Any controversy against any parcharak, kirtani or anyone that puts themselves in a leading position, they need to just participate in sangat only. We may not know the intricate details of what happened in your divorce, it seemed messy and we know truth usually lies in the middle, but you became confident in thinking that people could forgive and forget. If you harm an innocent soul of Guru Sahib’s then those Karams that you sowed play out in another way. So do the right thing and just resign from all positions of seva, sit at home and reflect on what Guru Sahib says. Let go of your stage,platform, lectures. You will probably get more respect doing this because if you continue to carry on, Sangat WILL continue to remind you. Again this is Guru Sahib Ji’s Khaed. Please reflect on it seriously and just resign.


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