October 3, 2021

Sukha Singh & Kaur Movement – Exposed.

As you know, Real Sikh Issues aims to expose abusers within the Sikh panth who are of position of either power or influence. Our aim is to expose them to not only let Sangat know but also to get our Gurdwaras and so forth to ban them so they are not kept in positions where they can keep abusing.

In the past few days, there has been a lot of controversy about Sukha Singh (UK), a parchaarak who does Katha in English & Punjabi around the world at camps and Gurdwaras. Firstly, we have no direct links to Sukha Singh and have not met him personally. Secondly, we commend the courage and work that Kaur Movement is trying to do but we have some concerns about her credibility. 

To weigh in on this, we are on the side of the truth only. We have received similar stories about Sukha Singh in the past to what Kaur Movement have put up – in 2017 we were sent emails and messages about Sukha Singh and allegations of abuse. We investigated first at a national level and got information from individuals from Gurdwaras and camp organizers where Sukha used to be involved. No Gurdwaras or camp organizers spoke of any issues regarding any sangat or camp member abuse. Those in UK who know, know that there was an incident where Sukha beat up a kid and the information that Kaur Movement have put up is somewhat true but not completely. Sukha and a gang of 5 Singhs in total beat up this young kid because he had insulted the farla, the sacred and honored identity of Nihang Singhs. They felt this as an attack on their Guru and assaulted this kid brutally. Sukha, for a few years after, went dark – meaning he removed himself from going on stages, camps etc. He was not seen in public for years and was understood that he was working on his jeevan. He also gave back, voluntarily, the farla (honour) he had received from Nihang Singhs. This was also confirmed – he was not forced to give it back. Immediately after the incident of battering this kid, the stories of abuse began to surface and it is from our understanding that these have come from the beating victim and his relatives, specifically his maternal uncle and cousins who reside in the West and East Midlands. Police were involved at that point too but no charges were brought against Sukha Singh on these allegations because of many inconsistencies. 

We then examined the emails that were sent to us – apparently from numerous, unconnected individuals – and found they were all sent from the same IP address meaning the same computer/location. We then did further analysis on spellings and structure of the emails to conclude that it was more than likely that they were all sent by the same individual. Therefore, we decided not to pursue it any further based on our findings of not only the emails, but the result of our conversations and investigation with individuals and orgs who had also been looking into this. 

We have been in touch with camps in USA and Australia where Sukha Singh has attended in the past – none of the people we have spoken to have confirmed any issues. This doesn’t necessarily mean there has been no issues of abuse in regards to Sukha Singh but we can only go by what information we have. 

In regards to social media, people like self-proclaimed Gianni, Sukhjeevan Singh and Jasvir Kaur “Rababan” of the infamous Raj Academy, are two of those who have known about these issues but are opportunistic that only now are they outraged about it because it’s online and it gives them some opportunity to get in the limelight. We were sent this text message screenshot of her having conversation with people like “SikhMom” on IG and a couple of other girls – she instigated what she calls a “game plan” for the discord discussion that took place to make sure the entire conversation swung her way and also talks about how she doesn’t trust the other orgs on stage. 

Jasvir.rababan scheming a plan.
Jasvir Rababan of Raj Academy, special girl of Prof. Surinder Singh
Self-proclaimed Gianni, Sukhjeevan Singh.

Will she respond and say which orgs she was talking about? We have also had many emails from different people about Prof. Surinder Singh of Raj Academy grooming and abusing young girls. We will soon be publishing those too. 

Daljit Kaur from Oadby, Leicester weighing in when her own husband is guilty of abuse in Sikh community as well as her brother-in-law who was filmed having sex with a transsexual.  Glass houses, sister. 

Daljit Kaur from Oadby, Leicester weighing in when her own husband is guilty of abusing and neglecting youth in Sikh community as well as her brother-in-law who created a porno video having sex with a transsexual. Her brother (Kulwant) was also blasted publicly for going around saying him and his wife were Baba Deep Singh and Mai Bhago to con people into getting dodgy therapy from them. Glass houses, sister. 

Mohan Singh from Sikh Awareness Society is one of those orgs who Kaur Movement was indirectly referring to. He is the one who has looked into these allegations before but has stayed quiet because he knows there’s no substance to the rumours but can’t speak up about it now just incase he got it wrong or Kaur Movement goes after him. 

In regards to Sikh Movement, we do question the stability of Gurpreet Kaur Parmar, the CEO of this non-profit organization. We have seen videos and text messages that prove she has mental health issues and we request all Sikh orgs and individuals who can, to help her and in the meantime, she probably should step down for a while. The videos and screenshots we have seen are as shown on this page for reference. There are also claims from her own family that she at one point grabbed her own fathers testicles and said “You are not a maradh (man)”. This isn’t abuse? Even below, she says he teased her father about his penis. These are who people like Gurkaran from SikhReddit, Mohan Singh (SAS), AKJ, Shamsher Singh (NSYF) answer to? This is who you look up to to bring about change in sexual abuse?! Kanjaro, sharam karlo.

Gurpreet Kaur Parmar talks about these orgs that covered up this so-called abuse and is a self-proclaimed sherni – then why you so scared to oust them? Let’s hear it. I bet SAS is on that list. Also, on one platform she claims he is banned in all UK Gurdwaras but on the discord she says “certain UK Gurdwaras”. Which is it Gurpreet? Who are the people who knew? Take a listen”

This following “slip of the tongue” and little laugh also confused me – on one hand we are so irate, so “passionate”, so angry but then laughing about the abuse after saying “my abuse”… and that leads us to wonder if this whole thing is personal to her in some way. She has been abused by someone she says was in Bana – maybe this is her way of getting back at that Bana. Take a listen:

Here she says you cannot prove molestation, abuse – so then we should automatically take victims word for it? If I have some other issue with someone, this means it’s very easy for me to go to Kaur Movement and they will believe me just because I say so. Her proof of Sukha Singh conversation, we would love to hear it too. We would like to hear where he was begging as she says. Take a listen:

“We need to make this victim focused” yet she spent most of her time talking about Sukha Singh.  Now listen to this Bibi – if you hear a rumour about anyone, just a rumour, then you should unfriend that person and distance yourself. Even young kids are taught not to listen to rumours about others in the playground. If you hear a rumour that someone has done something bad, don’t support them – turn your back on them(!) And when they’re all cleared and times are good, then just go back and say “sorry mate, let’s be buddies again now that you have gone through your tough time”. There were plenty of rumours about our Gurus when they walked this Earth – this Sandeep Kaur would also have turned her back on her Gurus too. Take a listen:-

Gurpreet says if you’re proven not guilty in court, you’re still guilty. So what’s the point of asking Sukha Singh to respond when you have already judged him and are looking to punish him? You wanted him to come on social media and respond which is what you wanted so you could further your agenda. You said to him “Sue me, the truth goes a long way” yet you seem very nervous that you’re going to lose. Take a listen:-

In the following audio, she admits to defaming him. What does defamation mean as per wikipedia? 

“Defamation (also known as calumny, vilification, libel, slander, or traducement) is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime.”


Not only does she admit to false statements but also acknowledges it’s illegal. <Insert guilty verdict here – we have proof >. Take a listen:

At this point, I can go on but the whole 3+ hrs of audio is boring to be honest. These orgs and individuals who may have covered up abuse for many years (again, we are saying Sukha is not innocent but nor is he guilty at this point) are all self-promoting their own work and you had orgs like SHARE Charity rushing to offer their services. Orgs who would get some funding for it all. You’re having a laugh if you’re going to take this sad lot at their word. AKJs were predominantly on stage for some reason even though they have the most public abuse cases (scroll through some of the pages on this blog) and where were the Taksaalis n whatnot in this convo? No Sikh2Inspire or BOSS? 

By the way, we dug up this post from 2010 about Sukha Singh. Look how badly people have been trying to bring him down, they even started a blog with a load of BS. Everyone saw this back in 2010, where were you then Mohan Singh and co?


I know I started this blogpost a little calmer and the tone changed – it’s because the more and more I look into it, the more I see issues with this whole process. We recommend this issue of Sukha Singh be dealt with accordingly by the right authorities in a court of law as well as by the proper organizations here in the UK that deal with grooming and sexual abuse. As a Sikh, Sukha Singh is answerable to the Panj Pyaare and the Sangatt first and foremost as well as the order of law, then any individual or organization that resides abroad and it’s proven our own Sikh orgs are messed up themselves that they cannot be trusted to handle these types of cases in the future. The truth will prevail, sooner or later. We, including myself, will all be held accountable for our own actions. Seek the truth.


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    1. admin

      Firstly, I know this is not Jasvir Kaur. She is still more brave than whoever you are sending me threats in other comments and messages.

      If you or ANYONE can prove that this is Malkit Kang, I (if I am Malkit) will willingly donate any wealth I have to The Kaur Movement and I will cut off any part of my body that anyone wishes me to cut, bit by bit.

      I, again, am telling you all this is not Malkit Kang so leave the Singh alone. He was more Singh than any of you lot ever can and will be, fearlessly protecting Bibiyaa back in the day when you were all in pampers. Respect to Malkilla.


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