Sikh Institutions

Akal Academy has many rumors beginning to surface including violent and sexual abuse involving teachers and other students.

Rumours of sexual corruption in “Sikh” institutions

Most of you have heard of the Akaal Academy Baru Sahib situated in India. They sent their students to the UK in the early days to capture the hearts of the sangat with expertise in Dhadhi vaars and Kirtan. Sangat dug deep into their pockets and parents around the world send their pre-teen children, often the troubled ones, to study at this seemingly prestigious institution. For some it would be a few months to stop their child from doing drugs or having relationships. For others it was anything up to a few years. But if any of the well-kept secrets coming out about this school is true, you may want to think twice about sending your children there. A lot of these children who would return from Baru Sahib would tell of their horrors to others via word of mouth. Claims of sexual abuse and relationships with some of the teachers there, others included same-sex students having physical relationships. Between students, it’s difficult to control or police, but when it comes to adult teachers and abuse, that is the most troubling and worrying. Until this day it has been mostly words of students, often ignored because parents think they’re lashing out in frustration of ever being sent there in the first place.

Orphans at orphanages have opened up in the past about violent beatings by sevadars for the most petty things and claimed they had a miserable life. We are also told of some groups holding masturbation sessions. Even in Taksaal, a young Singh (Maan Singh, UK) went to learn Gurmat at Damdami Taksal and told of how he walked in on a teacher there oiling a young child’s’ backside/anal area and beat the teacher up. For those that know Maan Singh know that he is a well-known and respected Singh with integrity, who wouldn’t make up such stories either.

How much truth is in these allegations at Baru Sahib? We have heard from individuals but unfortunately no proof. We are posting this article to ask all parents – think twice before sending your children to these institutions just because they have a Khanda stamp on them. We ask any students of these institutions – tell us your stories, grab a phone, make recordings, give us proof so we can stop these abuses from happening.