Surinder Singh (AKA Fauja Singh)

A self-proclaimed Sikh ‘saint’ has gone viral after videos of him sexually assaulting young women and having illicit affairs were released on social media. Known as Baba Surinder Singh, a.k.a. Fauja Singh, he was one of the founders of Gurdwara Akaal Bunga Sahib in Smethwick, Birmingham (UK).

He can be seen in the video walking down the street from his home in his underwear with his arm wrapped around a young woman dressed in a Punjabi suit. He is neither wearing his kiccherra or kirpan and is unaware he is being filmed by a resident from a nearby window. The two are seen entering the car where he proceeds to kiss her and run his hands over intimate parts of her body. The young victim was confirmed as not being his wife. Surinder is married with adult children of his own. All of this was captured in broad daylight in the morning after he spent a night with the victim.

Panthik Jathebandhis, led by SAS worker Mohan Singh, led a session with Surinder at the Gurdwara Akaal Bunga Sahib where he was first asked if he had any sort of affairs in the past two months. He denied and was then shown images from the video. He refuses to recognize himself in the video along with his followers who were sitting with him. He was then presented with a laptop and a video of the footage to which he finally admitted to having sexual relations with young girls. 

The mentality of people who blindly follow these fake self-proclaimed “sants” is there to see when a young follower sitting next to him questions one of the Singhs who are there by asking him “Why are you shaking?”, as if to say the Singhs there have something to be scared about or some alternative agenda. He is immediately met with a response that they are shaking because of what this Baba has been doing to young girls and asking him why he himself, or his Baba, are not shaking at these revelations. 

Video footage of Surinder with a young girl, extracts from the meeting and follow-up by Mohan Singh (SAS).

Eventually, Surinder reads a statement admitting to these affairs and abuses and claims he will never step into the limelight as a parchaarak (Sikh preacher) anywhere in the world. However, shortly after, him and his blinded followers, went on social media claiming that he had read and signed his admission of guilt under duress. In response, the directors of the Gurdwara Akaal Bunga Sahib, released a video statement dismissing all of their claims. Mohan Singh also claims there are at least four verified victims but believes there are many more. 

Statement from the directors of Gurdwara Akaal Bunga Sahib in Smethwick where Surinder is now banned from.

The Gurdwara itself is a converted church building and was opened in the memory of Sant Mani Singh, a young Sikh parchaarak who lived a short yet pious life. He has many followers around the world. 

Fake baba, Surinder Singh AKA Fauja Singh.