Pam Kaur Kaurtion

Originally Posted in May 2017

Pam “Pamm” Kaur, from Wolverhampton, is another one of those trashy girls who thinks it’s ok to wear a Dastaar on your head and prance around in cars with gangsta-wannabe boys and call yourself a Sikh. No Sikh of the Guru is perfect – but at least many try and are on the right path. These vlogging idiots go around telling you it’s ok to be a Sikh, dance (even though that isn’t the biggest issue here), wear loads of make-up, wax, thread, and drink. They are loud and proud about who they (think) they are, so we are loud and proud in putting this post up to warn you – don’t get thinking that these idiots are by any chance “cool” or the “norm”. This is not Sikhi. A Sikh wears the Dastaar as a crown and the basics of doing so is not putting on make-up, jewelry and threading your eye-brows. A Gursikh is proud of their appearance, respectful of their Crown and live with izzat because they see themselves as daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Jee. Pam Kaur (once featured on a Immortal Productions album) her brother, “Gurjant Singh” and her “friends” all feature on a crappy vlog (which I will not post on this blog because that is what they want for some attention) run by a kid from Wolves who just needs a bit of attention and hopes to hit it big-time because they’re all a bunch of talentless idiots.

You gave your response to the real Singhs and Singhnia who called you out – well, here is theirs.
To the real Singhnia out there – thank you for keeping it real.