Navreet Singh & Satnam Kaur

This couple have been known in UK for many years and have recently moved to Canada. They are a married couple who look and act like they are great Gursikhs and parchaaraks – but they are both known to have many sexual relationships before marriage and infact, even “got together” during a smagam in Leicester a few years ago. During the night, lights were dimmed for the kirtan (as AKJ smagams normally do) and they were caught at the back of the diwaan hall doing “saas-giraas” simran together. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t that dark for Singhs not to see what they were doing. They denied it at the time but were later caught again at a house program and are eventually ended up getting engaged and married. Navreet, like Harinder of NKJ, was also on his way to start a youth dera in the UK but after people got to know of his sexual relations outside of marriage, he lost his following. Satnam Kaur confided in her ex-boyfriends that she had slept with a few guys before marriage and confirmed she has herpes – a sexually transmitted disease. Now they are married and go around doing parchaar at camps. They are devotees of Dhadrianwala and often sit at his feet as per photo below.

In addition, they run a kiddy site called “Khalsa Kids” – – which we request all sangat to boycott and not buy any of their stuff nor book any events under them. Khalsa Kids is a way for them to get famous along with their instagram accounts and facebook fanpages.

Satnam Kaur “Khalsa” has herpes, a sexually transmitted infection due to having sex with multiple partners.

Why did Satnam and Navreet move to Canada?

Hajara Singh (Edinburgh) was being pursued by Satnam Kaur for a while and she eventually asked him to elope with her. She was caught messaging a Sangat member, who plays Tabla, on a tour. Navreet went openly threatening and shouting in the sangat for this person to show their face – until the Sangat member stood up and showed the messages to prove that it was Navreets wife who was pestering and harassing the Singh. In attempt to cover her indiscretions, Navreet chose to move to Canada in an attempt to start again and move on. But if we know Satnam Kaur, she will be it at it again quite soon and the cycle of her slutty ways will continue in another community.

In short, these are another two that need to be banned from your Gurdwaras and camps.

Navreet sitting at the feet of Baba Dhadrianwala

With Harinder Singh of NKJ (left).

Don’t kiss that cheek! You don’t know where it’s been…!