Kirat Raj Singh Rana

Allegations were made of stalking and sexual harassment against this individual. He was a prominent figure in the West Midlands camp scene at Gurdwaras. He used to drop girls home from camps – but some of the girls alleged he had locked the car and tried to kiss them. Others said he had stroked their hand in an inappropriate way. A total of eight victims came forward to the police, who investigated further, and enough evidence was found that the CPS pressed charges. However, charges were dropped when some of the victims did not turn up to court. The case took a total of three years to build and Kirat Raj had it stalled as much as he could to prevent it going to court. By that time some of the young women were married and didn’t want to revisit that period in their life. They were pressured by their husbands and in-laws to not go public and appear in court. He got away with it – but that doesn’t mean you should let your young sisters and daughters near him. He is married and living in London now.His father, Ranjit Rana from Sikh channels, is also a known dodgy one. Keep clear people.