Harnam Kaur

Originally Posted in March 2016
Eurgh. That’s the first word that comes into mind when I think of Harnaam Kaur who was recently featured as a cat-walk model. Not because of the way she looks or that she has so much facial hair. Actually, I used to quite admire Harnaam Kaur, seeing her at various programs and stuff whilst I was growing up. I know a lot of Gursikhs who also admired her because it seemed she was confident and proud of her excessive body hair. But something, somewhere has gone horribly wrong. Now, I am just disgusted when I see her on Instagram and various social networks – because she is a hypocrite and a sell out using Sikhi to gain herself some fame.

So why am I saying this? She does so many things that are against the Sikh religion and Rehat Maryadha (Code of Conduct) that I laugh when I hear or see people commenting that she’s such a great Singhni. Firstly, she tattoos her body (yes, it is against Sikhi), she pierces her body (yes, this is against Rehat) and waxes her legs (that too). Removal of hair is a cardinal sin for Sikhs – and that does include tattooing. When you get tattoos, hair is removed from the area in some shape or form and body hair is just as important as the hair on your head for a Sikh. A doctor put a stethescope against the chest of Sant Baba Attar Singh Jee Mastuana Wale and could hear the hair on his body repeating the name of Vaheguru. This is just one example of many.

Harnaam is a vile individual and has sold out her Guru for the sake of a bit of publicity and fame. And if you are reading this Harnaam, you were put on the lame excuse for a cat-walk by people who think you’re a freak show because being freaky (as Lady Gaga would tell you) is the fashionable thing nowadays! You made it because people want to exploit your deformity and attract attention. You put up pictures of your breasts, your naked body as much as you can, adorning make up and other crap… and deep down you know it is not because you are a confident person. You are far from confident. You are just a lonely, sad girl who was bullied a lot and think by being a “model” that they will not laugh at you any more. But it’s far from the truth – they laugh at you more because you really think and believe you are some sort of model and icon. You’re an ugly person – not on the outside as much as you are on the inside. Remove your dastaar, you do not deserve the title and crown of a Kaur.

Revenge? LOL More of a reason to laugh at this disgusting individual.
Promoting kaam (lust) on Instagram
Has excessive hair on face and chest but everywhere else is hairless because she waxes. #hypocrite.