Dr. Rajwant Singh

Dr Rajwant Singh is a supporter of child sex offenders.

There is something sinister going on with Dr. Rajwant Singh and his involvement with child sex abusers at the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation in Maryland. He has, for a long time, been a supporter of Gurdarshan Singh who we have featured in our blog before – a convicted pedophile who abused a young girl, maybe more, during a tenure at GGSF. Rajwant stood by him, even in court, where he eventually pleaded guilty to avoid jail time.

More recently, he has continued to support Sucha Singh, another child sex abuser, also a member of GGSF. They all seem to be supporting each other along with other individuals from their community, which suggests Dr. Rajwant Singh, a founder of EcoSikh and so-called role model, are part of a child sex abuse ring. Read the posts about Gurdarshan and Sucha, watch the victims’ video and you will agree there is serious cause for concern.

In this audio sent to someone by a GGSF board member, it shows the type of individual that Rajwant is.
Dr. Rajwant Singh (L) with child abuser Sucha Singh (R)