Dr. Gurinder Singh Mann

Sexual predator, Dr Gurinder “Singh” Mann

At UC Santa Barbara, the school said, a professor accused of sexual harassment left before the formal disciplinary process was completed in August 2013. A 2013 university investigation substantiated sexual harassment claims against Gurinder Singh Mann brought by a female student who accused him of inviting her to his home to discuss research, then urging her to lie beside him in bed and putting a hand up her shirt.

According to the investigation, other students stepped forward to say the Sikh Studies scholar had tried to kiss them, slapped their rears, invited them to his home and couched his behavior in cultural terms as an enlightened guru caring for his disciples.

Mann retired in 2015 but was a professor at the time of the investigation, which began in May 2013. Following an investigation, the Title IX office concluded in August 2013 that all such claims “more likely than not did occur” and that Mann had violated the UC’s sexual harassment policy.

Mann told investigators the sexual harassment allegations were an “utter falsehood” that stemmed from cultural misunderstandings. He said he was simply showing affection toward promising students. “I have made peace with myself that we live in complicated times, and I am a simple person who tried to help whoever came my way,” Mann told the AP. The school website lists him as retired.

Gurinder Mann’s so-called institute the “Global Institute of Sikh Studies” has “donated” to Rutgers University.  Who are the patrons, donors, advisers of this group?  Why did Gurinder Mann “retire”?” What is Ami P. Shah’s position at Rutgers University who is getting funds from the “”institute?””