July 13, 2022

Manvir Singh abuses girls at Khalsa Camp California

Editor Note: Some content of this email may be distressing to some readers. We recommend discretion whilst reading.

We have posted time and time again about this individual “Manvir Singh Khalsa” and although it has had some impact with camps and Gurdwaras around Europe refusing to invite him over, it seems our friends across the ocean also need a wake up call.

We had this email from a young Bibi below. It says it all and it seems he is very careful about how he abuses girls so that it doesn’t come across as obvious or straight up arrest-worthy. This guy first abused his ex-wife and he continues to abuse girls as young as pre-teen age.

We managed to get her to join a Zoom call and she was able to confirm what she wrote in her email to which we thank her and her friend for immensely. We know it wasn’t easy to do that. We advised her to tell her parents, which she was scared to do because she doesn’t want to upset them, and also to contact a counsellor at her school to see if she can get any guidance. We also instructed her to contact the police there and at least write a report – something which we told her that maybe Kaur Movement on Insta can help her do as they are close by.

We have omitted personal information from this email – please share this far and wide, we need to protect our kids.

My name is ****** Kaur and I am writing this with my friend who found your site.

I went to Khalsa Camp California last month and although I really liked the camp and met some amazing people, something happened while I was there that made the whole camp a bad memory.

I had heard a lot about Bhai Manvir Singh from UK and my mom also follows him on Insta and likes him. I never knew nothing about him, just that he done good purchaar so I was looking forward to listening to him. 

Something happened on one of the days which I don’t really know how to describe easily. We, me and some other camp people, were gathered around him after one of the sessions just talking about the camp and food stuff. I was standing next to my friend, who is helping me write this, and she was standing next to Bhai Manvir Singh. We were laughing about something when he gave a stretch and laughed about how he had been up since so early in the morning. As he brought his arms back down, his hand brushed across my back from the top to the bottom. I dont mind people hugging me and stuff or accidentally bumping into me but this felt kind of intentional. I immediately felt really awkward because I recently had started wearing bras and he had just kind of flicked my strap at the back. It was weird because I wasn’t even standing next to him. I looked at my friend thinking she would have noticed something but she didn’t so I thought maybe I was thinking too much of it. Then someone asked for a selfie and my friend ran off because she hates photos so he came close to me, and put his arm at the back of me to take the photo but just after, he brought his hand further around before he moved it completely so that his fingers touched the side of my chest at the front and I was really confused what was happening. I don’t really know how to say it properly where he was touching but hopefully you understand what I am saying. It was really fast and I don’t think anyone saw it and I just kind of walked away so he wouldn’t think I was running off from him. I turned back and I could see him kind of look at me for a few seconds whilst he was talking to someone else.

For the rest of the camp I kept watching him when I could to see if he did it to other girls thinking that maybe it was just accidental. However, on the last day we were all quite emotional and we were enjoying the day and I saw him do the same kind of thing to another girl who I didn’t really know very well but this time I saw his hand brush against the front of her just before he rushed off because one of the other uncles had called him. It happened like within a second and even then I thought maybe I was imagining it. I looked at the other girl who kind of just walked off on her own.

A week later i was talking with my friend and I just blurted out that I thought he was weird. I basically told her the same stuff I wrote above. She also didn’t feel comfortable around him and she also noticed the time he slid his hand over my but she didn’t realize he was rubbing my back where bra was. So while we were talking she went on Insta and googled him and that’s how she came across your site. It confused us even more because of the whole gay thing – if he’s gay why was he touching me? We thought maybe he is because of the way he talks and stuff but I dont know.

Can you please let other people know to be careful of him at camps?. We have told some of the other girls we know who went to the camp and someone also said something happened with them but she wont tell us what it was. 

Please let people know but please dont publish our names or addresses as our parents dont know about this and we dont want them to feel bad about anything.


One thought on “Manvir Singh abuses girls at Khalsa Camp California
  1. M Singh

    Bastard!!.. Idk why people call him on camps. I never found any wisdom in his talks, only selfmade bullshit. Anyone can smell that he has no jeevan. Fuddu Sala.. I was asked multiple times to attend Khalsa Camp at Vancouver, but i never attended because they call famed but illiterate parchaaraks like him. And sorry to say most of AKJ is self-made stuff and full of egoists.


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