December 19, 2019

Harinder NKJ – Get Him Off

“Photographer ji, top half only! Tussi photo khicho, aisee apni khichdhiyaa!”

As you may have heard, there is now new controversy over Dhadrianwalas protege and “special little guy” Harinder of NKJ (Nirvair Khalsa Jatha). In a recent divaan, he suggested on-stage to Sangat that Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s body did not simply disappear under a blanket as many learned scholars and historians have stated, but maybe that he was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. This has sparked fierce backlash from much of the UK sangat, and around the world, that are calling for a stop to all divaans by Harinder and rightly so. It also has re-ignited the old allegations of Harinder talking about doing mouth-to-mouth Simran with other men and hitting the naked genitals of young men in his jatha with a stick, now known as #DickStick. Harinder had long claimed that the audio recordings talking about him kissing boys to do simran was false – but now an in-depth, independent and professional analysis of the audio recordings was done and the report released.

Guru Nanak murdered?


Harinder, it’s time to take your dick sticks and gay jatha boys and crawl back underneath the rock you squirmed out from under. We know why this individual Gurjeet Singh sits behind you – a Singh who attended Wolverhampton University and studied with him told us that this little midget had gay tendancies from day one:

“He speaks camp, acts camp and dresses camp. He was always into the Nanaksar sect and was very bitchy towards anyone non-Nanaksari. He used to hang around with us at Sikh Societies but us guys got a little uncomfortable with him. It came to a point we just started lying that we were too busy to study so we could avoid chilling out with him. His brother was a nice guy though.”

Then you have Narinder Singh “Babloo”, known in Birmingham by local sangat, ex-AKJ clan. Coming from AKJ background, you can see why he is also with Narinder. They all love it like the #NervousIndian.

Gurjeet Singh loves it from behind Hari.
Narinder Singh Babloo – “I feel all excited and nervous when I am with Hari”

We thank the likes of Rajan Singh who used to be in Hari’s jatha for being straight (no pun intended), coming forward and speaking the truth about Hari. It is sad to see the little shits like Narinder Singh “Babloo” and Gurjit Singh still on stage with him. Guess they have his back (no pun intended again) no matter what.

“Harinder has lost the plot, misleading sangat through his manmat beliefs. He probably thinks Guru jee’s panjaa was carved into the rock by somebody too! The examples could be endless! Anyone who still supports him after he says such things are blinded souls, may Guru Sahib bless them with the sight of truth. Feel free to unfriend me if you truly think there’s nothing wrong in what he’s saying, please, do the honours.
Yes, I used to sing with him in the earlier days, still was a bit wishy washy but nothing wrong in what he said really (as far as I noticed at least). Then he challenged the sangat which didn’t work out well for him because allegations actually came through more or less immediately. You all probably don’t care, but I might as well mention it now. From how much I did NKJ sangat, which wasn’t a lot because I used to go straight home with my family as soon as divaans finished, I personally never saw anything that could back up the allegations. The only thing to sway me was the evidence of the voice calls.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen because this is what can happen in such environments with ‘baabeh’ and ‘dereh’. Especially with someone like Dhadrianwale from what he’s shown himself to the sangat to be like. And from then on started the missionary crap. The first divaan he does at Smethwick gurdwara was saahibzaade shaheedi divaan and it wasn’t even December! To me it seemed like he was trying to win sangat back by pulling on their heart strings because it’s the most emotional divaan he used to do. And it’s all been downhill since then. Too much of what he says now is wrong. It’s a real shame because so much of the youth turned to Sikhi, but I just don’t know what happened. And i know there were many that didn’t like him from the beginning because of the instruments etc, fair enough. It’s just disappointing to see, but it is what it is now and mahaaraaj really needs to sort him out, not that he has much of a following anymore in the UK because we’re not so stupid. So don’t be fooled by his nice singing, his stories that make your heart all fluttery, stick to the truth, don’t stray from the truth of our history or from actual Gurmat. If you’re going to listen to him then make sure you do your own research after in order to make sure that what he said was 100% correct in accordance to globally respected historians and kathhaakaars. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by fakeness. Guru Sahib kirpaa karan.”

Rajan Singh, UK – ex-NKJ member.

Statements have also been issued by organizations including Akal Takht that are urging Harinder to step down.

Most respected Satinder Singh, of Jago Wale jatha, gives his views and requests to all.

News channels are also issuing apologies as well as those who supported Harinder NKJ


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