Manvir Singh abuses girls at camps
Khalsa Camp California refuses to stop calling dodgy parchaaraks to their camps even though they have been caught out in the past and banned by Gurdwaras here in UK and Europe.

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This website was founded thanks to Manvir Singh Khalsa who cried to Google so many times about our truth-blog that they had our blog taken down. His tears helped form this site which aims to expose those who are in the Sikh limelight as parchaaraks but are not fit due to their serious personal issues which affect the Sikh community on a daily basis.

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  • Manvir Singh abuses girls at Khalsa Camp California

    Editor Note: Some content of this email may be distressing to some readers. We recommend discretion whilst reading. We have posted time and time again about this individual “Manvir Singh Khalsa” and although it has had some impact with camps and Gurdwaras around Europe refusing to invite him over, it seems our friends across the […]Read More »
  • Gurusharan Singh Faridabad

    So-called Bhai Gurusharan Singh Faridabad, a member of the Akhand Keertani Jatha (AKJ) has been caught out yet again but this time with proof of his flirting with young girls. In the screenshots of the conversation, captured by @thekhatarnaaktimes on Instagram, the Faridabad “Fuckboy” begins his flirting straight away by questioning the young girl as […]Read More »
  • AKJ International speaks up against Gurbir Singh Taran-Taaran

    There is just too much going on with Gurbir Singh, even our dedicated page on him is getting full, hence this post here. Gurbir Singh is getting backlash from people and organizations worldwide. We have already heard from AKJ (USA) who have banned this individual and spoken up about his issues regarding drug abuse and […]Read More »
  • Peter Virdee

    Billionaire property tycoon Peter Singh Virdee, nicknamed ‘Batman’, faces a sentence of three years and three months for his role in a large-scale tax fraud operation. He was considered to be a major figure of a VAT scam that cost the German tax authorities approximately £100 million. In 2017, Virdee was arrested at Heathrow Airport […]Read More »
  • Manvir Singh tries to stop Sikh Issues (again).

    As you may know, Manvir Singh “Khalsa” previously cried through various channels to get our blog taken down from Google blogspot. We came back stronger on our platform because of him and he has recently realised, it’s a lot harder to take this one down. Check out the letter below he had sent by his […]Read More »